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2019 Virginia elections

Nick Freitas appears to be within the lead in the thirtieth District as a write-in candidate, after he did not properly file and qualify for the ballot. Which college sport is most popular ’s up in opposition to Democrat Ann Ridgeway. It won’t be recognized exactly how most of the write-in votes are for Freitas, however, till the official count. The Board of Elections mentioned that might take a day or two. That identical issue reared its head Tuesday as, once again, some voters in Stafford County forged ballots within the wrong races, state elections officers stated.
Incumbent Kelly Convirs-Fowler (D) won election in 2017, receiving 53 p.c of the vote and defeating her Republican opponent by 6 points. This was a district the place the incumbent received less than fifty five % of the vote in the latest election.
Incumbent Democrat Adam Ebbin has represented the 30th district since 2012. Incumbent Democrat Jeremy McPike has represented the twenty ninth district since 2016. Incumbent Republican Richard Stuart has represented the 28th district since 2008. Incumbent Republican Jill Vogel has represented the 27th district since 2008. Incumbent Republican Emmett Hanger has represented the 24th district since 1996.
2019 Senate of Virginia Democratic Primary - District 17 Virginia Department of Elections. 2019 Senate of Virginia Republican Primary - District 17 Virginia Department of Elections.
Virginia was the one state of the eleven former states that belonged to the Confederate States of America to vote Democratic on this election. This is a reversal from 1976, when it was the only state that had belonged to the CSA to vote Republican.
This could be our best and last chance to turn Virginia blue and set up a decade of progressive victories that will impression the entire nation. To do this, we're volunteering and elevating cash to ensure these Democrats have the assets and voters they should go up towards the GOP, and win. Held to help the 2 main political parties (Democratic and Republican) in deciding on their nominees for workplaces on the General Election Ballot. In Virginia, primaries for places of work elected in November are usually held on the second Tuesday in June.

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